Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Teaching at French General this Summer!

Hello dear readers!
I'm so excited and honored to share that I will be teaching "Bastille Femmes" Art Doll Class this summer on July 12th at French General in Los Angeles!!!
Below are 2 samples of the dolls we will be making with hoop skirts, scalloped overlays, vintage ephemera, porcelain doll arms, the works!

For details you can visit
or the

There are many other wonderful classes there I would love to take!

Hope everyone has a great and creatively blessed week!


Thursday, March 13, 2014

New Art Doll Pieces

Hello dear readers.
Well, I've stayed consistent in one thing. I am still obsessed with making dolls of all sorts. I have added pictures of what I've been working on the last few months. Clothespin dolls with paper clay faces, peg dolls with felt dresses, even a piece with an old bed spring and chandelier parts! 

Some of these are available for sale in my SHOP , others are awaiting big adventures I can share with you soon. I am working on a big project that I cannot wait to share so, until then, I hope you all are well, happy and creatively blessed.
Thank you so much for stopping by.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saying Goodbye to My Boo

Happy weekend dear friends. I haven't been inspired to do a doll for some time...and, lately, I've spent many of my treasured yet rare, quiet moments just drawing. So, last weekend, when I had been saving this vintage hankie for something very special I decided to make a Frida doll. 
I also had a beautifully intricate old scrap of lace, an old silver plated candy dish which I turned upside down to use for the base and an old jello mold.
I hand sculpted the sweet Boo Boo kitty from paper clay and then painted her with acrylics.
For, you see, last weekend was a pretty awful weekend to tell the truth. My sweet Boo kitty, who my parents gave me 15 years ago after rescuing her from the woods near their home in the state of Washington, passed away.
 In my lap. 
With my hand on her chest and, I felt her heart stop. 
We had taken her to the vet the day before and they kept her overnight. Thought it was liver failure. But, they called the next day to say she could come home with some antibiotics and thyroid medication.  
I can't go into details because it is really painful but, I can tell you, that she died a couple of hours later. And, not the pleasant way they leave us when they are "put to sleep".  
I saw the death throws and I can assure you I never, ever want to see that again.  
At least she was with me. 
That is comforting.  
But, being that close to death, in its rarest form, stripped some of my innocence and I'm not sure if that is a good or a bad thing.  
I have seen people that have passed on and I have been with animals when they are put down but I have never seen one leave this world in their own, natural time.  
I love my animals so much, as I know many of you do too, that it is so hard to see them go.
I am crying again as I am writing this even though I purposely waited a week until I thought I would be able to compose myself enough to put these words to paper.  
So, please know, 
I am not sharing this experience to bring you down or to be depressing. 
I know many of us have memories of losing our fur babies and that it is raw and painful for each of us.
Rather, I am just sharing to say, 

I would never choose to feel any other way about God's living creatures.

I love animals too deeply? Yes.
I feel that they are closer to God then most people I know just like babies and children? Yes.
Losing them sucks terribly? Yes.


They are more real, sincere and unconditional than I could ever hope to be.
They give endless love and I will always, forever be eternally grateful for that. 
And, I will continue to take them in.
And, not kill bugs and spiders. 
Its not the way for everyone but, its the way for me.
And, that makes it all okay.  

In memory of my sweetest girl Bagheera "Boo".
My only kitty that hugged me when I held her.
I loved hose hugs. 
I will never forget them.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Come...stay in touch! I've missed you!

Hello lovely friends of blog land. I am stopping by to share with you some new prints I have added to shop and to say hello! 
If you are so inclined I would invite you to follow me on instagram as I post something there almost daily and then you will be able to get sneaks peeks of new projects that I am working on:

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope to see you soon! xxx

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dolls, Dolls & more Dolls!

Hello there friends. I just thought I would share some of my newest creations. I have been making Dolls like a MAD woman lately. I can't stop.  I've tried to paint but every time I pick up a brush I end up painting a little doll face instead. Below is Posie. (sold) I painted a little painting inside of her light cage dress.
 I think she turned out so sweet. I love dolls with pink hair. I miss the dolls I had as a little girl.  I have two boys and have no excuse to buy all of the lovely dolls I see in the toy isle when my little ones are dragging me to the truck and action figure isle.  So, I just keep making my own. It's a little weird but they're good company. :)
 This is another doll where I did a mini painting in the inside of the light cage. This is a Dia de los Muertos Doll, called "Love is Forever". (now sold) I love this one!
 And, I love the blue hair!!
 "The Garden Angel"
 The one below is called, "Lovely, Curious Secrets" (sold).
 This little cutie is called, "Sing for Evermore". (sold) 
 And, finally, "I will Never Forget You" (sold).
Except for the two I indicated they are all available in my shop waiting for their lovely, forever homes! And, for my dear blog followers I always discount my prices with a heads up so if you are interested in anything just message me. Have a wonderful week!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Long time, No Post :)

Hi friends,
I hope this post finds you all well and healthy.  I'm sorry for the looooong stretch between my posts but, I'm sure that those of you that know me fairly well during these last 4 years or so are not in the LEAST surprised that I have been neglectful to my dear blog. Yet again.  I'm sorry.  Well, I do have one 22 month old; who is already in the midst of his terrible twos, and never misses an opportunity to throw a tantrum or random object as soon as I put my little fingers on any art supplies.  Oh the joys! 
So, I collected all of the art I have done during the last 6+ months to share with you and this is it. :(  It averages to about one piece of art a month. I guess it's better than nothing at all! 
"The Raven"
"Garden Your Soul"
"She Knew They Would Never See Her For Who She Truly Was"
"The Puppeteer"
"I Will Never Forget You"
And, finally, this last portrait is titled "His Heart is Mine and Mine is His".  They are all available in my etsy shop except for the last one.  
Now to go catch up on all of the lovely art you all have been creating.
Thank you for always sticking with me!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Falling Into Place... Sometimes Change is Good. :)

I love experimenting with my paintings as I know most of you do too. I have been adding some pastel and colored pencils to my mostly acrylic and paper paintings and have enjoyed the playful results. I love paintings that contain a little hidden story but I have found that, although I may share that story with you lovely readers from time to time, most of the people that buy my paintings and prints have no idea what that story really is.
So above is an 11 X 14 painting called, "The Gift Box" and I have added a little story to the canvas for all to enjoy! It says, "Although Clara was delighted by the gift box she still dreamed of talking donkeys and birds with party hats". Clara is my kind of girl. Below is another new painting titled, "The Sacred Heart".
This is a large painting (16 x 20) and, again, I have added a lot of pastels to my acrylic base for extra detail and dimension. I love playing with pastels and colored pencils. They are so easy and forgiving and coloring makes me feel like a little girl stretched out on my belly across the living room floor by the fire with my feet crossed behind my back and my tablet stretched out in front of me like an untouched patch of grass for my bare toes on the first day of spring .
I have just recently been blessed to be able to sell my art on consignment at a wonderful store in South Pasadena about 20 minutes from my house. The store is called
Zinnia: A Space for Contagious Creativity
(Click on the link above to see some of the beautiful pics of their store).
Not only does it sell the work of local artists but it also is the home for some amazing classes by the most supportive and talented of teachers "featuring their specialty, be it mini quilts, tin houses, or precious metal clay, and much more".
These are just a couple of pics I grabbed off of their web site but the best part is that...It is own, run and operated by artists...all creative and supportive souls who encourage and fine tune one another. Ahhh, such a blessing for me!
I have been so terribly sad to hear of the devastation caused by the tornadoes of late and my constant prayers have been with you friends who have been affected. I know there are many. My thoughts and prayers stay with you & yours and I do pray for shelter and support for you during this time. Thanks for your visit.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Minnie the Queen of the Carnival & The Furry Children

This is my newest doll, "Minnie". I think she turned out so sweet. She is holding some vintage balloon birthday cake toppers. Did I mention that I love balloons? I can't remember if I have but there is something so innocent and comforting about them for me....they take me right back to childhood.
I attached these little copper bells underneath her frame skirt and they reminded me of the old flying saucer rides at the carnival. When you blow on them or a slight breeze comes up they swirl in circles. Her skirt reminds me of the tents the carnival rides would hide beneath waiting for the excited little child to discover. And, a chance to paint a girl with pink hair and violet eyes? Yes please!
We just lost one of our kitties; sweet George. I will tell you about him at the end of this post. And, I realized, I didn't have many recent pictures of him. So I thought I would post pics of all of our furry children today because, as we've been grieving his loss the last few never know when you may lose one. And, there is no more unconditional love then from these little guys.
Above is Bagheera but we call her Boo. She is the sweetest girl and will be 14 this year. Below, is our little Chloe. Both of these ladies were strays from the street and it took Chloe a long time to warm up to us. But, she is a love now...she will be 11 this year. We found out that she is a diabetic about 2 & 1/2 years ago. I have been giving her 2 shots of insulin a day ever since. You can't believe how well she tolerates those shots.
That little one hiding down there? Well, she's not so little...hehe. That's Sake. Another girl from the street and she will be 10. She is shy but when you get her on your lap you'll get a belly up of fatty goodness. :)
Below is Henry, also a stray that we picked up from the shelter a couple of years ago. He is 4 and he is the sweetest most grateful little dog we have ever known.
This is his "sister" Sunday. She's 3 and cute as a button as you can see. Sunday believes she is a princess and we all act accordingly. Even her farts don't stink. I swear. :oP
Below, is Nemo, also from the shelter. He will be 8 this year. He is a true little boy full of energy and curiosity but can also be a big love.
Look at this sweet girl in the window! This is Kitty and she will be 5. Kitty is truly, one of the sweetest cats I have ever had the privilege of having. She lets the kids lay on her and plays with Sunday & Henry. She is sweet like no other and pretty darn cute to boot.
And, sweet, sweet George below. :( We moved into our house in 2002 and had three of our other cats already. We don't let our cats outside because where we live there is a lot of traffic and coyotes. But we noticed this sweet orange and white cat staring in the windows at us. He would even sit on the outside wall and stare into our bedroom window at night. We asked the neighbors about him an they said the old owners just left him. Whaa! Well he defintely loved to be outside so we built him a house and bed by the back door and decided that he would be ours if he would have us. We joke that George really adopted us. So, we're not really sure how old he was when he came into our lives possibly 2-4? Then we had him with us for the past 10 years. We miss him terribly.
He was that sweet face sitting by the front door whenever we came home. Sometimes, he would be sitting on the corner of our cul-de-sac and when he saw our car would start running towards the house. I love you Georgie. And, I know you're in a better place laying in the sun and chasing birds. Until we meet again...